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Console Repair

Console Repair

Lawson Computer Repair offers a premier Console repair service, which includes Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PSP consoles and many more. Problems from the common RROD (360), YLOD (PS3), Read issues, and many more are all fixed by ourselves.

Our aim is to Collect, Repair, and Return your fully tested working console back to you ASAP.

We have invested in the latest infra red soldering technology to be able to offer a professional level of repair which is un-matched by most.

All repairs carry a warranty, and we're always here to help.

Problems fixed:

  • Xbox 360 RROD - e74, e74, 3 red lights and more!
  • Xbox 360 Lens replacements
  • PS3 YLOD
  • PS3 Lens / Blu Ray replacements
  • Wii Read problems
  • NDS Cracked screens and hinges
  • PSP Read issues

And much more!

Free collect and return in the Cleveland area.

Console Repair